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Exhausted my words
Filled in every frame
Sounded the notes
To useless rhymes
Ruthless arrow of time

So let’s just work from our own lexicon, love
Work from our own lexicon
The language we learned in our youth
Always fucks up our articulation

My dad told my mom “I want to stay”
Foreign bodies came and took

His voice away
Took his voice away

Pretend talk won’t fail us
Bodies betray us
Let’s pretend the sound
Never leaves us

Speak in our own tongue, no noun for fear. Fear.
If death called our names we’d know the phrase
To steel ourselves in its gaze.

No, it’s not enough.
What could ever be?
Keep these words private
Between you and me.
I’m scared but I don’t care
I’ll stare right back in its eyes with you

There’s no word
There’s no word
For exactly how
It would feel to lose you


from It's Always Sunny When You're Cool (PSI Deluxe Edition), track released November 20, 2015
Jodi Jones - Vocals
Martin MacAlister - Drums and Backing Vocals
Kevin Hilliard - Guitar, Programming, and Backing Vocals
Patrick Taylor - Synths



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